Why celebrate Poultry?????? Check out these facts and you will agree North Carolina has a reason to celebrate!!!!

 Poultry Facts


  •  The Poultry Industry's Economic Impact for NC is $12.8 Billion
  •  The Poultry Industry creates over 110,000 Jobs for North Carolinians
  •   Poultry is the #1 Agricultural Industry in North Carolina
  •   North Carolina is ranked #2 Nationally in Total Turkey Production
  •   North Carolina is ranked #3 Nationally in Total Poultry Production
  •   NC Poultry makes up 40% of North Carolina's Total Farm Income
  •   Over 5,700 FArm Families produce Poultry & Eggs in North Carolina











.....World's Largest Frying Pan......


Rose Hill, NC, is home of the "Worlds Largest Frying Pan", and headquarters for  House of Raeford Farms, one of the nations largest poultry companies. 

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